Why Social Toons?

Engage Customers with Content Worth Sharing

Your customers spend a lot of time on social media. But how can you effectively engage them when millions of other businesses try to do the same?

We create social media marketing campaigns by leveraging content that gets noticed, liked and shared. We do this with Social Toons, the most shareable content on the Internet.


Tell a story
Today, every brand is a publisher. Thanks to social media, you can instantly reach customers across the globe. But in order to catch their attention and get them interested, you need to tell an engaging story using visuals. There is no better way to do this than with Social Toons.

Spark conversations
Social Toons ignite a dialogue. In between the panels, in between the talk bubbles, they demand the viewer to fill in the blanks. This kind of two-way communication instantly engages your audience. Comments from customers open new doors for tailored marketing communication.

Reach your customers’ friends
Social media is so powerful because it lets you reach your customers’ friends. All you need is content that gets liked and shared, which then appears on people’s news feeds. Social Toons are some of the most widely shared forms of media.

Make customers come back for more
Ongoing serialized content creates expections from your readers, making them look forward for your company’s next Social Toon. Each time they come back for more, they build a stronger connection with your brand. Social Toons aren’t one-hit wonders — they grow your audience over time.

Get noticed
Customers get bombarded with ads nowadays. Social Toons stand out from the clutter. Using humorous visuals, they thrive in a world of short attention spans, where the next story is just a click away. Social Toons put the focus on your story. What other types of communication get glued on cubicles and refrigerators?