Rublon: Remote Logout feature explained


Rublon offers a plugin that integrates its Account Security platform with WordPress. Although the plugin is simple to install and use, it has many features that are not visible at first sight. One of them is Remote Logout, which allows users to log out remotely using their phone, without having to log in to their WordPress website. Rublon wanted to educate its users about this feature and gain new ones by advertising this feature of its security platform on social media. A tricky part was to communicate the advantages of Rublon’s Remote Logout feature in comparison to a similar feature that is built into WordPress.


In order to convince users of a feature’s value, showing how it works is not enough. Users need to learn about the benefits that a feature can bring to their lives. We came up with a story that illustrates how Remote Logout helps in a real-life situation. Since Rublon was interested in a series of Social Toons, we also created two customized characters that we used in this particular one: Adam and Lisa.

The Social Toon shows how Adam gets interrupted by a phone call while teaching Lisa how WordPress works. Adam then leaves the building, but forgets to log out of his administration dashboard. Thanks to the Remote Logout feature of Rublon, Adam was able to log out remotely, which made it impossible for Lisa or anybody else to make changes to his website.


Rublon posted this Social Toon on its Facebook Page and ran a paid campaign that lasted two weeks. During that time, this Social Toon gained 109 likes, 5 shares, 6 comments and won new followers for Rublon’s Facebook Page. One person asked in the comments how Rublon’s Remote Logout feature differentiates from a similar feature that is built into WordPress by default. This was an excellent moment for Rublon to explain the benefits of using their solution. Their answer convinced the questioner and also resulted in new interest by another person who wanted to give this functionality to all his users. Another person wrote “I love Rublon”. On Instagram, this Social Toon gained 95 likes and 4 comments.