Ben Parr: Captivology book value explained


Ben Parr is an American journalist, author, venture capitalist and entrepreneur. He is also the author of “Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention”, a book on the science and psychology of attention and how to capture the attention of others. Ben is very active on social media and he wanted to use his huge following (200,000 fans on Facebook) to explain the core value of his book in a way that would grab the attention of followers.


We created a Social Toon that shows a college professor during his lecture, before reading Captivology and after reading it. This short story visually communicates the benefit of implementing Captivology into your life. Before reading the book, the professor’s students were not listening to him because they were busy browsing Facebook and Twitter, listening to music or watching videos on YouTube. One of them even fell asleep. The professor complained that back in the day, his job was easier because all these services were not available yet. Then, the professor learned about Captivology, read it and immediately knew how to win back the attention of his students. During his next lecture, he used his learnings and everybody was now listening to him.


Ben Parr posted this Social Toon on his Facebook Page and private profile, Instagram and Twitter. Every posting was commented and liked an above average number of times. His Twitter post earned several retweets and even more favorites.